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If you're shopping for genuine Ninja scissors, only purchase from official Ninja website www.ninjascissors.com, you want to feel confident that you’re buying the genuine Ninja scissors and razors. Counterfeit products can’t emulate our innovative hairstyling scissors, so we want to ensure that you aren’t disappointed by an imitation scissor masquerading as a Ninja Scissor.

Please also bear in mind the following when purchasing Ninja Scissors:

Always obtain a receipt with your purchase, showing the name and address of the company selling the product. Quality has its price! Any item priced well below our RRP should be treated with suspicion We discourage anyone from buying from unauthorised sellers such as auction sites and small websites

We are doing all that we can to cut down on the issue and have developed scanning technology and unique serial numbers which determine if your Ninja Scissor is genuine. We are committed to aggressively fighting counterfeiting on behalf of all stylists. If you are not sure whether your product is a counterfeit, you are welcome to contact Ninja at sales@ninjascissors.com Ninja will check whether the company/person offering this product is known to us and whether the product is genuine.