Traditional Japanese Craftsmenship

Ergonomic & Futuristic Design

Innovation and Perfection

Traditional Japanese Craftsmenship is Known WorldWide - Founded in 1973 Ninja Continued that old Japanese Samurai Tradition Craftsmenship to Create The Superior Hairdressing Tools Today,s Technology Can Offer. Our Years Of Experience/State Of Art Technology & Perfect Knowledge of Our Craftsmen have Created Tools For Hairdressers For Decades That Meets the Market's Most Ambitious Demands.

At Ninja we face new challenges every day to design and produce  the edge quality Tools For Our Hairdressing Industry Keeping In Mind The Elegance,Clarity,Quality and Perfection Of Every Pair Of Scissors.
Because at Ninja We Believe That Tool Is Not Just A Tool iT,s a Statement of your choice – Your Character – Your Taste & Your Personality…….